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Introducing Our Latest Book. 

Becoming a Poetic Human: Battling Emotional Injury & Winning

Whether you’re seeking solace in difficult times or yearning to unlock your true poetic self, this book offers an invaluable resource. As you sit down to immerse yourself in its wisdom, prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and equipped with the necessary insights to battle emotional injury and emerge as the poetic human you were always meant to be.

Empowering Men to lead
as poetic humans

Poetic Humans (pō-ĕt′ĭk hyoo͞′məns) are men who seek to be voices of freedom, wisdom, and integrity. They live as examples of loving leaders for change. This tribe of men is an unwavering, compelling source of courage and hope that will empower others. They intentionally seek out ways to positively impact all those they lead, in every circle of their lives. They are men who encourage other men to know and embrace their true identity.

In today’s world, the role of the “modern man” has a number of definitions, appearances and ways in which he is presented. But what is most apparent is that the conversation has to change.

There seems to be a disconnect between heart and mind.

The dialogue between a man and his family, his spouse, his coworkers, his friends, his peers and most importantly, himself, is in dire need of repairing and rebuilding.

This is the root of our tribal calling to reclaim the man in mankind and put kind back into mankind.

We are the pivotal bridge to begin again, to start anew, and to allow for transformation to take shape. We’re committed to a different kind of freedom that empowers men to feel safe enough to bring their trauma, shame, guilt and confusion, as well as their strengths, brilliance, and wisdom, to the light.

It is time for men to emerge as new souls, healing from what once was, to blazing new paths of emotional freedom.

This is where we seek the power of divine leadership as poetic humans with a tribe to support you along the way.

Our Tribe

We are poetic humans and servant leaders called to lead purpose-driven lives, whose mission is to transform and liberate the lives of other men, their families, and their spheres of impact, despite their past. We inspire other men around the world to embrace the many facets of their amazing design, encourage fresh and thoughtful ideas and conversations, ignite the fire of passion in people’s souls, empower their giftings and expertise with fresh and innovative tools, resources, and curricula, and help our brothers and sisters around the world to dream again.

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